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The Laying Method Of The Cable And The Factors That Need To Be Considered During Installation

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The laying method and the factors that need to be considered during installation are the key parts of electrical engineering, which is directly related to the performance of the cable and the reliability of the system. The factors that are usually considered involved in the types, uses, and environmental conditions of cables.

Cable laying method:

1. Buried layout:

Advantages: Protecting cables from external environmental impacts and not occupying ground space.

Consider factors: Consider underground pipelines, geological conditions, moisture -proof, etc.

2. Overhead layout:

Advantages: Construction is relatively simple and easy to maintain.

Consider factors: Consider the height of the ground, the impact on the environment, the protection of cables, etc.

3. Pipe layout:

Advantages: Protecting cables from mechanical damage and easy maintenance.

Factors: Consider the material, size, and depth of the pipeline.

4. Set up of the sea:

Advantages: Suitable for submarine wiring, protecting cables from marine environment.

Factors: Consider factors such as water depth, sea geology, tide.

Wire laying manufacturer

Factors that need to be considered during installation:

1. Environmental conditions:

Temperature: The rated temperature range of the cable is used to avoid the temperature of the cable too high and cause the cable performance.

Humidity: moisture -proof and waterproof measures to ensure that the insulation of the cable is not affected by humidity.

2. Mechanical protection:

Mechanical injury: Use the appropriate protective sleeve and protective cover to prevent the cable from being damaged by external forces.

Tensile and bending: Make sure that the cable is not more than the tensile and bending of the allowable range during the installation process.

3. Electromagnetic interference:

Shielding: Use shielding materials when needed to reduce electromagnetic interference.

Distance: Keep enough distance to prevent cables from being interfered by other electrical equipment.

4. Connection and terminal processing:

Connection quality: Make sure the cable connection is firm and good conductivity.

Terminal processing: Reasonably handle cable terminals to prevent local problems such as local heat at the terminal.

5. Fireproof explosion -proof:

Material selection: In flammable environments, choose flame retardant or difficulty.

Explosion -proof measures: Corresponding explosion -proof measures are taken for places with dangerous explosions.

6. Maintenance and management:

Identification: A proper identification of the cable is convenient for maintenance and fault investigation.

Regular inspection: regular inspections to ensure the reliability and security of the cable system.

Through reasonable selection of laying methods and full consideration of installation factors, it can ensure that the cable transmits electrical energy stably and reliably during use, and improves the overall performance of the electrical system.

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