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Common Classifications Of Wires And Cables And Their Uses

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Wires and cables are an integral part of power transmission and information transmission. They play an important role in our daily lives, from household electricity to industrial production. Understanding the classification and uses of wires and cables will help to better understand their importance in modern society. The following will introduce the common classifications of wires and cables and their main uses.

1. Structural classification of wires and cables

Single-core cable: Single-core cable has only one conductor and is suitable for single-circuit transmission. It is commonly found in residential and commercial buildings.

Multi-core cables: Multi-core cables contain multiple independent conductors that can transmit multiple circuits simultaneously and are widely used in industrial control systems and communication networks.

Insulated cable: The conductor is covered with insulating material to prevent current leakage and improve the safety performance of wires and cables.

Shielded cable: Adding a shielding layer outside the insulation layer can effectively reduce external electromagnetic interference and is widely used in high-demand data transmission systems.

Sheathed cable: The outer layer is sheathed material to protect the cable from mechanical damage, chemical corrosion and daily environmental influences.

Electronic wires and cables4

2. Classification of uses of wires and cables

Power cables: Mainly used to transmit electricity, including low-voltage cables (used in residential and commercial buildings), medium-voltage cables (used in urban power grids), high-voltage cables (used in power stations and large industrial facilities), etc.

Communication cables: Used to transmit telephone, Internet and television signals, including fiber optic communication cables and coaxial cables.

Control cables: Used to connect control equipment such as automation systems, instruments and mechanical equipment.

Instrument cable: used to connect various instruments, such as temperature, pressure, flow and other sensors.

Electric heating cable: It has heating function and is used for pipe antifreeze and road snow removal in cold areas.

3. Electrical performance classification of wires and cables

Fire-resistant cable: It has flame-retardant properties and can maintain power transmission functions in fires. It is used in places with high requirements, such as subways, tunnels, etc.

High temperature resistant cable: Can work in high temperature environments and is suitable for high temperature industrial fields such as metallurgy and glass.

Low-smoke halogen-free cable: produces a small amount of smoke and halogen-free gas when burning, used to improve building fire safety.

The above three categories can understand most of the commonly used wires and cables. The performance and functions of wires and cables are also constantly improving with technological innovation to meet the needs of different industries for power and information transmission. By understanding their common classifications and uses, we can better select and use appropriate wires and cables to ensure the stable operation of power transmission and communication systems.

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