How to test and control the quality of wires?

1. Pay attention to the production date, the best within 3 years

Many people are unaware of the expiration date of wires. After the wire arrives at the site, it is best to check the production date in person, and the best use date is within 3 years after the production date. LIke UL 1015 PVC insulation electrical wire,PVC material will change with the season, and the degree of hardness will be different.

If this period is exceeded, the conductivity of the wire and the life of the insulation will be affected.

The service life of the insulating skin is 15 to 20 years. The longer it is stored in the warehouse, the shorter the service life after use, which is equivalent to buying products with different life expectancies at the same price. This point must be paid attention to to avoid being fooled by the other party with the inventory line.

2, the color of the wire should be separated

There are many colors of wires, in order to distinguish the phase wire, the neutral wire and the ground wire, so it is strictly forbidden to use one color wire during construction, but should be distinguished.

The color of the phase line of the same house should be unified, the neutral line should be blue line, and the protection line must be yellow and green two-color line. As shown in the following figure, the 1015 16AWG 105 degree 600V yellow/green is often used as a ground wire configuration.


Follow the conventional color selection, maintenance is not easy to cause problems

There is no clear and rigid regulation on the color of the phase line and the neutral line in the national regulations, and most electricians use the red line for the phase line and the blue line for the neutral line, so it is also recommended to choose this color.

The advantage of this is that in case the maintenance master and the construction master are not the same person in the future, they will not mistake the function of the wire to avoid problems.

3. The mark that the wire must have

The wires used in the home must first have a certificate, and only with a certificate can it be proved that it is a regular product. The certificate of conformity should carry complete information such as brand name, specification, implementation scale, rated voltage, length, date, factory name, and factory address.


4. Look at the insulation and the core

Regular wire insulation is uniform in thickness, not eccentric, and tightly wrapped around the conductor. The surface of the wire core should be bright, smooth, burr-free, tightly twisted, flat, soft and tough, and not easy to break. 

If there is 3266 XLPE insulation 125 degrees 300V wire backlogged for a long time, should be taken out of the car market every once in a while its surface can withstand high temperature, melting test.

Post time: Aug-29-2022