Electrical wire 1430 xlpvc jacket tinned copper

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Rated temperature: 105 degree

Rated voltage: 300V

3.Insulation: XLPVC

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Product detail

1.Rated temperature: 105 degree

2.Rated voltage: 300V

3.Insulation: XLPVC

4.Properties of electronic wires

A. Small outer diameter.

B. Generally required UL and CSA certification.

C. The conductor should be tinned, to prevent oxidation of copper wire, easy to solder.

D. Conductor is twisted wire -- good softness and easy wiring.


It is generally used for weak current engineering, internal wiring of electronic equipment, internal wiring of electronic appliances, lamps and lanterns, transformers, motors, all kinds of receiving equipment, television, receiving tape recorder, video machine and other kinds of electrical products, and internal wiring of precision instruments and computers.



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